Footsteps Preschool/Early Years School Age Services Mission Statement

At Footsteps Preschool/Early Years School Age Services our aim is to provide an holistic inclusive environment for children where we celebrate diversity, and recognise, respect and support the unique identities, values and strengths of each child. Through our emergent curriculum, we aim to provide children with an abundance of enriching experiences which engage the children’s individual interests, needs, strengths and support every facet of their growth, learning and development. Footsteps have an open door policy, where we work in partnership with our parents.

We will nurture their cognitive, physical and emotional well-being no matter their chronological age by providing a loving and safe environment, “Where Children learn to play and play while they learn”.

This we believe will provide the “first steps, next steps and footsteps”  in their journey of lifelong learning and development.